Wholesale Opportunity

Manufacturing and Distribution

1. Become a distributor and earn in your spare time!


2. We can wholesale manufacture in large quantities for you company or corporation with your logo and design.

Our pendants and bracelets are a great way to easily supplement your income in your spare time – even if you already have a full time job!

You will find that EForcePlus products practically sell themselves! When wearing your pendant how many times have people asked you about it? You will soon discover that just about anywhere you go people will ask you things like, “Wow…that’s a nice pendant…where did you get it?” While we appreciate your referrals, each person who asks you about your pendant is a potential customer!

Here are the details:

Your products will be sent out as soon as possible and your business will be off and running! Wear your pendant where you go always outside of your shirt (rather than against the skin) as the pieces will last longer and where ever you go people will ask you about it and simply share your experience!

Purchase Wholesale –

You can purchase at wholesale. With a minimum of only one dozen pieces, purchasing in quantity you can start earning $50 PLUS and much more per sale!
The more you buy the deeper your discount.

EMAIL: thegullatouch@gmail.com for wholesale pricing or call our toll free number   Please make sure to leave your phone number if emailing.

I feel we have the potential to be sold out (of our current inventory) within one week with the momentum we’re already creating. It’s been a long time since I felt the flow of abundance when it comes to money. I am so deeply touched by your generosity, trust, and faith in us. Michael and I are both feeling and experiencing the positive effects of our pendant “intention anchors”! We appreciate you for being the leader you are, the catalyst for our business to grow, and for giving us the tools we needed to amplify the positive impact we have on everyone we meet. THANK YOU Gary

In Love, Gratitude, and Awesomeness,
Alysia & Michael