What Makes eForcePlus Special

While much of what goes into the making of eForcePlus products is propitiatory, there are a few interesting facts making eForcePlus special.

Sacred Geometry

The eForcePlus pendant is made with specific designs chosen for their inherent harmony and sacred geometric patterns. According to poet, playwright, author Benjamin Dean, “Anything with an inherent harmony can act like a tuning fork to re-tune ourselves to return to the original organic natural patterns that belong to our bodies”.

As a beautiful piece of art, touching music, or anything else exhibiting integrity in terms of its patterns can uplift our spirit, so can the EforcPlus pendant with it’s inherent beauty and harmonic patterns.


Our line of pendants and bracelets are intended to compliment the expression of one’s inner beauty. It is in connecting with our most beautiful self, our higher self or state of being whereby you feel empowered, that we find the key to achieving our fullest potential.


eForcePlus products are more than simply beautiful. Each and every element in the making of each piece utilizes a combination of metals, gemstones, special minerals, crystals, and sacred geometry patterns to create a mufti-layered enhanced combined effect. So, it’s not just the minerals, the crystals, the metals, or the sacred geometric patterns…but instead, it is the synergistic fusion of all these elements in the proper combination and magnitude that makes eForcePlus products what they are…not to mention our propitiatory technologies!

Our “Stones” and Gemstones

What may appear to be stones embedded within the eForcePlus pendant are in fact a special blend of enhanced rare earth minerals found the in earth’s natural environments. These minerals are first cleansed of impurities, crushed into powders, melted into liquid form, then shaped to be placed within the eForcePlus jewelry. Other proprietary stones and/or minerals used may be black tourmaline, quartz, obsidian, magnet, sapphire, and volcanic rock.

One of the minerals we use, for example, is germanium which is often referred to as the “Missing Element”. Germanium is considered a semiconductor as it is known for its useful properties such as passing currents more easily. Interestingly, many of the sacred pools throughout the world are known for their high germanium content. One such place is Lourdes of Southern France where millions partake in these mineral rich waters. Germanium was also found to be prevalent in waters said to be “holy” in different regions of Japan, such as the waters of Yamabuki in Aomori and the sacred water of Ana-no-tani in Toyama. These sacred pools attract numerous people worldwide because of the special affect they have on them.

As with germanium, each mineral and gemstone chosen for our jewelry is done so with its unique properties in mind.

Precious and Semi-precious Metals

We at eForcePlus are very particular about every element utilized in the production of our products. The metals we choose are no exception. We exclusively employ higher grade metals or metallic elements such as titanium, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum upon request for our high end selection pendants.

Titanium, one of our frequently used metals,  is utilized because of it’s numerous advantages over other metals. It is one of the strongest and most durable metals that can be formed into jewelry. It is three times the strength of steel yet “light as aluminum” and can withstand almost any adverse conditions. As such, it is resistant to corrosion and does not change its appearance, degrade, rust or blacken. Titanium is also known for it bio-compatibility. Even in its most natural form, it is bio-compatible with almost all types of human skin.

The materials chosen and the attention to detail in our manufacturing process place eForcePlus in league of its own.

How to Use the Power of Intention with Your EforcPlus®

Hi. My name is Dr. Gary Douglas, creator of the eForcePlus® pendant. My passion has always been mastering the art of optimizing human potential. As a youth I was sensitive to and wanted to develop a tool that would help me to find greater harmony within myself. As a counselor for over thirty years, I have researched the field exhaustively and studied
and worked with the conscious and unconscious mind.

In life we all encounter problems or barriers, have hurt feelings, get frustrated or disappointed, all of which can lead us to lose confidence in ourselves and in our ability to reach our goals and dreams. Our conscious mind may tell us that we want to achieve but our unconscious mind remembers those times when our efforts were met with failure. We then doubt ourselves which can lead us to engage in an unconscious process of self-sabotage whereby we stop ourselves from attaining our heart’s desires. Through all of my searching I have found one simple truth…a central truth that leaders from around the world and throughout time agree is the key to achieving ones fullest potential. That simple truth is that you must connect with your inner-self…that state of mind whereby you feel empowered and believe that you can accomplish anything.

People throughout the world have felt the eForcePlus Pendant to be an invaluable tool. You can use it as a reminder or anchor to reorient your attention to your desired goals and outcomes. Whenever you encounter difficulties or challenges along your path towards attaining your desired
outcome, simply touch or turn your attention towards the eForcePlus and allow the natural elements
within it to remind you of and bring you back to your natural ideal self … that point of zero resistance where the confident and fearless part of you resides and knows beyond any shadow of doubt that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

As you wear the eForcePlus pendant throughout the day, allow it to reorient your attention to focus on what you desire. Let it remind you to connect with those parts of yourself that have the experience of knowing that you have unlimited potential.

The eForcePlus Pendant is downright sexy in its simplicity, beauty, sleek feel, and its natural elemental properties. It is composed of high grade titanium or gold, embedded in the pendant are natural rare earth mineral gemstones, and engraved on its surface is a breathtakingly beautiful ancient sacred geometry design.

Allow the pendant to “re-connect” you with your inner-self and tap into the power of your unconscious mind as you set out each day and strive toward attaining your dreams and goals. “

What is the Pattern on the Pendant?

Our Flagship Pendant is engraved with the Merkaba or “Flower of Life” which is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings. In many cultures the engraving is believed to contain an “Akashic Record” or basic information and knowledge of all living things. Many cultures believe that the Merkaba or Flower of Life pattern has a direct harmonizing effect on all it comes in contact with.

Sacred Geometry Basics

The video below is a very interesting study showing how sound can create natural sacred geometry patterns in a drop of water. The video then explains how the vibration we carry directly affects us. Interestingly, many of our sacred geometry pendants with patterns such as the Flower of Life, Sri Yantra and Mandala, mirror the patterns naturally created as music is played “to” a drop of water.