Our Life’s Purpose

It’s been said that each of us have been given a gift…a talent or skill that expresses the essence of who we really are. No … Read more

The Mandala

The Mandala is know for its ability to “connect to the divine” though it’s unique qualities. The mandala naturally reveals itself just about everywhere. The Earth, … Read more

My Testimonial

Thank you Gary for sharing the amazing gift of the eForcePlus Pendant with me and with the world!  I have been called to do some … Read more

The Heart Chakra

The Flower of Life is known to govern the heart chakra. It is only when we are connected with ourselves…with an open heart…can we be … Read more

Yoga vs. Technology

Yoga is something that is supposed to be a break from the world. A place where one can relax, stretch to alleviate pain, and increase … Read more